Official Guide on the Best Linux Distros for Beginners

Best Linux Distros

Linux is one of the most widely-known operating systems that powers millions of devices worldwide and has amassed a huge following. Linux has always strived to make itself easier to use.

For those who are unaware, Linux comes in many versions known as distros. Each form of Linux is easily configurable, and each is better than the other in some regard. We’ve created this blog on the best Linux Distros.

Best Linux Distros for Complete Security & Anonymity

There are thousands of the best Linux Distros out there, and all claim to be the best for your security and anonymity. For that reason, we included as many of the best Linux Distros we felt provided the best security.

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Quebes OS

Quebes OS is definitely not meant for beginners; however, when it comes to your security and privacy, then there are no better Linux Distros than Quebes OS.

With the help of type-1 hypervisor called Xen, Quebes OS manages to run a number of virtual machines. However, you’re probably wondering how does this help with your security? In actuality, this helps a lot, especially if you accidentally download a virus on your work system, your personal files or data, can’t be affected.

Note: Although you can use these best Linux Distros to protect your anonymity, there is also another way to ensure your internet security, and that’s through a VPN. While there are thousands of good VPN providers in the market today, we recommend you subscribe to FastestVPN, if you’re looking for the best security features, along with an easy to use UI.

BlackArch Linux 

BlackArch Linux, for those who haven’t heard of their name, is by far the best Linux Distros for your security and privacy. While this Linux Distro recently introduced their operating system, it contains thousands of various hacking tools, saving you the trouble of downloading them yourself. However, when you choose BlackArch Linux as the best Linux Distros, you should also download a VPN, like FastestVPN, for further security.

Choosing the Best Linux Distros for Your Needs

Every person has different needs and interest; choosing the best Linux Distros for all those needs can be difficult. The closest we can get to satisfying everyone’s needs is by taking common features for what consumers believe are required in these Linux Distros and browse through the numerous best Linux Distros already in the market today, to see which one fits the description aptly.

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Best Linux Distros Overall

Overall the best Linux distros are tailored to suit any and all types of users. For instance, one good example of the best Linux Distros is Ubuntu, which is designed for newcomers. While others like Quebes OS are for more seasoned users. Regardless, the following list focuses on picking the very best distros overall, and which fulfill every user’s needs.

Elementary OS

Looking for the best Linux Distros, which doesn’t require any complicated commands, to operate than Elementary OS is exactly what you need. Compared to the other best Linus Distros in our list, Elementary OS is probably the most attractive distro overall. With a captivating desktop environment known as Pantheon.

Of all the best Linus Distros in our list, Elementary keeps its self-up-to-date with the latest trends by constantly providing a newer version to their operating system, their most recent version is called Loki.  This version has the added bonus of being even prettier and more colorful than the last.

Linux Mint

Linus Mint is our consumer pick for the best Linux Distros of 2019. Making its debut with a vast range of features and pros, one such example is better support for proprietary media formats, allowing you to play the content of your choice from the get-go.

Unlike the other best Linux Distros in our list, you can download three main starter Linux flavors for Linux Mint. Regardless, we still recommend you subscribe to a VPN service provider when downloading anything from online, to ensure you get the maximum experience when using the best Linux Distros.

Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio is a top contender in our list for the best Linux Distros. With its main role being easy to use for music recording studio and video production workstation users across the globe. Like many of the best Linux Distros Ubuntu Studios, does not require you to spend thousands of pounds, for industry-standard software. By installing Ubuntu Studio you can have all these needs covered.

The recognized Linux flavor for Ubuntu has been designed for the best audio and video production, instead of using paid software tools. From all the best Linux Distros in our list, Ubuntu Studios is the easiest to use.

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Now that you made it through our blog on the best Linux Distros for 2019, you must have a clear idea of which one of the many Linux Distros you are going to choose. Regardless of what distro you pick, you should also download a VPN like FastestVPN if you wish to remain secure, whenever you download anything from online.

Moreover, when you download any one of the many best Linux Distros, in our list, you might run into issues while browsing various websites on the internet due to geo-restriction. With a VPN, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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