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Kissanime Alternatives

Kissanime was a well-known anime streaming website hosting the largest collection of anime’s for any genre you can possibly think off. However, constant updates and annoying bugs hampered their success in the industry. After a certain point, the developers of that website had hemorrhaged enough revenue to official decide that it was time to shut down. Thus, the doors closed on of the best ad-free anime websites in the world.

However, you don’t need to worry, as we scoured the internet and found, the best working Kissanime alternatives for you to watch. These Kissanime alternatives are as close to the original website as possible.

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Best Working Kissanime Alternatives

Here is our list of the best Kissanime Alternatives:

Anime Stream

Anime Stream is a widely respected Kissanime alternative, granting its users access to all the latest manga’s, anime seasons and movies for no hidden costs or irritating sign-up process. Anime Stream stands out compared to their completion due to the fact your ability to access to all their content, from any device of your choice, their websites assures quality service, by instantly checking your browser whenever you open the link.

GoGo Anime

GoGoAnime was always known as a popular anime website even before Kissanime shut down. Anime lovers across the globe would always choose GoGo anime when Kissanime was undergoing maintenance; many would also agree that GoGo anime was Kissanime’s biggest competitor in the industry. Users at GoGo can watch, or download all their favorite shows, with subtitles or dubbed depending on how they enjoy watching their content.


Hulu is the world’s largest source of quality media entertainment, Hulu is sure to provide whether you wish to watch anime’s, movies, or TV shows. However, perhaps Hulu’s biggest flaw has always been its paid-for content access, meaning users must sign-up and subscribe to this Kissanime alternative if they wish, to watch the content of their choice.


Another extremely simple Kissanime alternative 9anime is the go-to choice of many anime lovers for watching the best anime movies and series. Their website alone has over 45 different genres for you to choose from. However, their website may be geo-restricted to a few people depending on what country they are in, which is why we highly advise users to also subscribe to FastestVPN if you wish to watch their content unrestricted.


Chia-Anime was another one of the many previously unheard of Kissanime alternatives that gained limelight when Kissanime went down. Chia-Anime works like any other Kissanime alternative and grants its users the ability to watch all their favorite anime in HD and with the option to add subtitles or dub in English.

Users can browse through the thousands of anime series at Chia-Anime with their extremely easy to use interface, and search bar.

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Horriblesubs in despite popular opinion is a purposely built Kissanime Alternative, which is meant for anime lovers regardless of where they are in the world. As an anime streaming platform Horriblesubs, in our opinion, is highly under-rated. As Kissanime Alternatives come and go Horriblesubs has always been the topic for controversy due to its odd name. However, users should not judge this book by its cover, as Horriblesubs hosts hundreds of the highest quality anime series, manga’s, and movies, for no added costs and registration process.


Whether you wish to watch the latest Attack on Titan episode or read the latest issue of the Quincy ark in a Bleach manga Animeultima is the website for you! With an extremely simple website layout and with numerous genres to choose from. You are sure never to be bored when using Animeultima as a Kissanime Alternative. Have an anime in your mind you can’t pronounce just search for it at Animeultima, and they will deliver it in seconds. However, many users have complained about the vast number of advertisement this website has, which is why subscribing to VPN is absolutely essential; we recommend FastestVPN, for the optimal experience.


Crunchyroll, much like the Kissanime Alternatives in our list is home to everyone’s favorite anime’s. From Boruto to Boku no Hero the anime streaming sites has it all. Whether you wish to watch your favorite anime with subtitles or dubbed. Crunchyroll has it all! You can even watch the trendiest anime in high definition if you so desire as well.


Masterani may seem like an odd name for an anime streaming website, but this could not be further from the truth. With a simplistic search bar, Masterani is home to millions of amazing anime from the classics like Naruto, Bleach or One Piece. To the latest, on-going series like Boruto and My Hero Academia. They have it all at Masterani, just search from the anime of your choice and filter out the unwanted one, to narrow down your search as much as possible.


AnimeFreak took the world by storm when it first got introduced, however, compared to the other Kissanime Alternatives in our list AnimeFreak assures their customers by only delivering HD videos. All your favorite Kissanime anime movies and series are also available at AnimeFreak. However, this Kissanime Alternative maybe geo-restricted depending on the country you are in, so remember to also subscribe to a VPN, like FastestVPN for added security, and privacy.

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As we come to an end for this blog on the best Kissanime alternatives, before you head off to watch the anime of your choice we strongly recommend you install FastestVPN.

While streaming via any of these Kissanime alternatives, you need to make sure you are connected to a VPN service to secure your data and stream anonymously. With FastestVPN (as our recommended VPN) you can enjoy your anime’s in HD without any irritating advertisements or potentially harmful viruses attacking your computer and its data.

Numerous Kissanime Alternatives in our list may also not be available in your region, which is why a VPN service, like FastestVPN, is absolutely essential if you wish to remove these restrictions and entertain yourself.

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