How to Watch French Open on Kodi Online in the World (Updated 2019)

watch french open on kodi

The year 2019 means that we have another exciting Tennis championship to look forward to. The annual Grand Slam championship is all set to commence with French Open in May. French Open will be followed by Australian Open, Wimbledon Open, and US Open in the coming months.

Coming back to French Open, think of it as a championship on its own. The event will invite popular name in Tennis to compete, according to recent news. Roland-Garros, which is another name for French Open, will see big names such as Serena Williams, Nadal Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal. The season will start with qualifying matches and ultimately bring semi-final winners into the final round.

Catch the entire French Open on Kodi, here’s how.

French Open 2019 – Date, Time, Venue

Like each year, French Open will take place at the Stade Roland-Garros venue in Paris. The venue and the event takes its name after the World War 1 aviation hero Roland Garros. Gentlemen’s and Ladies’s Singles qualifying matches will begin on May 20 with the First Round beginning shortly afterwards on May 26 at 10 AM.

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Where to Watch French Open on Kodi

Tennis is a widely-popular sports and enjoyed by fans worldwide. It will get coverage by TV channels in each region. ITV has been one of the leading channels when it comes to French Open coverage, and this year they are preparing for an even better coverage.

ITV has announced their plans to provide exclusive free air-coverage. Under the new deal, the exclusivity will run through 2021. So, get ready because ITV has promised to provide a minimum of 90 hours’ worth of action from the event.

That puts you, the viewer, in a fortunate position because ITV is also available on Kodi thanks to the community. Die-hard fans of Kodi have built a number of apps for streaming services like ITV for everyone to enjoy. It’s what makes Kodi such an amazing platform for watching movies from a variety genres originating from around the world.

Why Use VPN for Kodi – French Open on Kodi

The simplest answer is that ITV is geo-restricted to the United Kingdom. So unless you reside in the country, ITV on Kodi might appear inaccessible to you. It’s an unfortunate circumstance, and one that gives VPN more popularity.

Because video-streaming services have become increasingly popular, so have VPN services. Geo-restriction means that some content might be restricted to certain regions. By VPN’s capability location spoofing, such challenges are easy to tackle. Simply connect to a VPN server with UK IP address and get instant access to content that would otherwise fail to load.

Not only is that but VPN protection a must in this situation. Although ITV will deliver French Open 2019 for free, the add-on in discussion is not available officially. Streaming copyrighted content through unofficial add-ons could get you into trouble with the DMCA. It’s an entity which actively monitors for such cases and penalizes over copyright infringement.

Using a VPN makes you anonymous on the internet. Whatever you do, whichever websites you visit, stays between you and the trusted VPN service.

It’s why finding the right VPN service is also very important. We recommend FastestVPN for their strict no logs policy which ensures your internet traffic will never be recorded. It secures data transmission with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. The cherry on top is that super cheap pricing that gives FastestVPN a unique position in the market.

Now, let’s see how you can get ITV and enjoy French Open on Kodi:

  • Subscribe to FastestVPN
  • Configure FastestVPN in the router with UK IP address
  • Download Kodi on your device
  • Launch Kodi and click on Settings on the top-left corner
  • Go into System > Addons and enable the Unknown Sources option
  • Go back to Settings
  • Click on Addons and double-click on Add Source
  • Insert this URL in the field:
  • Hit OK
  • Return to Addons and select Install from Zip File
  • Pick the file we just added and navigate to Kodi Repos > English >
  • Return to Addons and select Install from Repository
  • Navigate to LittleWiz Repo > Video Addons > ITV
  • Install the ITV addon
  • Return to Addons on Home Page and launch ITV

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Conclusion – French Open on Kodi

ITV is not just for French Open but a wide variety of British TV content is available on the platform. The only downside is the geo-restricted, but nothing which cannot be fixed by FastestVPN.

You might be able to also watch the other three Grand Slam Championships on ITV, but that remains to be seen.

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