How to Update Kodi Media Center – A Quick Guide for All Devices

How to Update Kodi

If you search for applications for streaming and playing multimedia content on the Internet, you will quickly end up with the software named Kodi. But what is Kodi exactly and what can be done with it? And can you update Kodi? Here’s everything you need to know about Kodi!

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The Ultimate Multimedia Center

Kodi is a cross-platform multimedia center software that is under the GNU GPL license and thus completely free. It is the most famous and widely used Media center solution for living room and bedroom. Originally, the software was developed for the game console XBOX. Until 2014, it was referred to as “XBMC.”

Unlike comparable solutions like Plex, Kodi is constantly being improved and developed by an enthusiastic community. Regular updates and new versions appear. The development is managed by the XBMC Foundation.

Kodi is an all-in-one solution for multimedia content. Among others, it provides the following benefits to its users:

  • Play and stream video content (e.g., movies and TV shows )
  • Build libraries with movie posters, action texts, etc.
  • Listen to Internet radios
  • View pictures and slideshows
  • Access multimedia content on the network
  • Play and record TV programs
  • Surf the Internet
  • Media libraries from ARD, ZDF, and others
  • Play and stream video games and much more

This wealth of features makes Kodi the ideal base for self-contained multimedia systems in the living room. In addition to the installation on a conventional PC, it can be installed also on mini-computers (Raspberry Pi), Amazon Fire Sticks, Android TV boxes, and barebones PCs (Intel NUC).

Available For Every System

Kodi can be installed on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, and other operating systems. Likewise, there are even operating systems that contain nothing else than Kodi, for example, LibreELEC. Such, mostly Linux-based systems are designed entirely on Kodi, offer better performance since no “regular” operating system like Windows serves as the basis.

Installing and Updating Kodi

Kodi is the Swiss army knife among media players: The open source tool not only plays a huge number of video, audio, and photo formats, it also offers countless extensions. Kodi offers a full product package for Android. It allows you to use virtually all features of the Media Center on your smartphone or Android tablet. Fortunately, Kodi experts do not have to go through the efforts of getting used to it because the operation and functionality corresponding to the PC version.

Install Kodi for Android

Installing Kodi for Android is a breeze – at least if you have an android with access to the Google Play Store. Simply search the Play Store for “Kodi” or visit this link to install Kodi through the web:

If you do not have Play Store access or if Kodi is not officially rated as compatible with your device, you can manually install the Android app. First download the current Android version via this link: In general, you can access the 64-bit version (ARMV8A). If that does not work, try Kodi’s 32-bit release.

For manual installation, you must allow Android apps from unknown sources. Up to Android 7, you will find the corresponding option in the security settings of Android. Enable the option “unknown sources.” From Android 8.0, you allow the installation. For example, if you download Kodi using the Chrome browser and then open the APK file, the system will ask permission to install it. Grant them to complete Kodi’s Android installation.

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Install Kodi for Windows

Kodi is also available as a Windows 10 app in the Windows Store. Thus, the software can be run on any device with Windows 10 installed, including tablets. Start the Windows Store and search for “Kodi.” Make sure that you install the official app, which is already displayed as the first result and uses the official logo.

Click on “Get App” or “Download” to install Kodi. After downloading and installing, everything you need to start Kodi is completed. If you’re using a tablet, it’s a good idea to use the touchscreen-optimized skin that comes with Kodi’s Windows 10 app.

How to Update KODI in All Devices

Updating Kodi depends on your computer or tablet, but in any case, the process is simple and fast.


If you have not yet installed KODI on your computer, simply go to the official website of the software, click on the Windows logo, then follow the installation instructions.

If you already have an older version of KODI installed on your PC, follow these steps. Go to the developer’s official website and download 18.2 Leia. This new version will automatically replace the old one without impacting your settings, files, or extensions.


Many users take advantage of KODI’s features on their Android tablet. If this is your case, and you have set your device to automatically update your applications, there is a good chance that you are already using 18.2 Leia.

If you prefer to update your applications manually, or if you want to check if you have the latest version of KODI, go to your Play store and type KODI in the search bar.

Click the application’s icon and once on its page, if the Update button appears, tap it.

In any case, do not remove the KODI application by reinstalling it as this will remove all your settings and extensions.

MacOS & Mac OS X

The update of KODI on Mac is done in the same way as on PC. Replace your old version with 18.2 Leia by visiting the official website of the software. There, click on the MacOS or iOS logo depending on your device, and follow the installation instructions.

Raspberry Pi

The installation of 18.2 Leia on Raspberry Pi depends on the operating system you are using. To find out how to install this software on your computer, follow the guidelines developed by KODI on its website.

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In conclusion

Kodi is becoming rapidly famous due to the benefits it offers. With Kodi in your hand, you won’t feel the need to switch on the TV anymore. After the installation, updating it will always be an easy task. You can do it whenever there is an update available by following the steps mentioned above.

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