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best vpn for netflix

Netflix is an amazing media streaming platform that offers a bulk load of Movies and Shows for users to watch. But the streaming service is not available everywhere. This means Netflix subscribers can only be accessed from a few specific locations. However, there is one way you can watch your favorite movies and shows on Netflix from everywhere and that is if you have a Netflix VPN on your device. You may fight a wide range of VPN services in the market but not all of them are Netflix compatible. So, in this guide, we are going to suggest the 5 best VPN for Netflix streaming and everything you need to know about those VPN services.

Netflix has become a popular streaming service in the entertainment industry and it is now available in around 190 regions across the globe. But yet, it is not available everywhere. And due to its huge popularity, viewer around the world wants to watch Netflix and chill. But they can’t, not from everywhere. The reason behind this is the content licensing issues, also known as regional-restrictions, due to which Netflix offers some shows in some countries only, but not everywhere. But if you have the best VPN for Netflix activated on your device, geo-restrictions wouldn’t be an issue.

Best VPN’s for Netflix USA

The Netflix offers different library for different regions. USA has its own library of content and so does UK, Canada, Australia, and others. But you can only find the best Movies and Shows in its USA library, which is only available in the US. To access USA library of Netflix, you need to be in the US and to do that, you need a VPN for Netflix.

Netflix is cracking down all VPN users to stop them from accessing its different libraries from different regions using a VPN, which is why many VPN services are no more compatible with Netflix.

But there are various VPN services that are working fine with Netflix and you can use them to access USA Netflix library. Below you will find a list of 5 best VPN for Netflix and you can choose anyone amongst them to stream on Netflix from anywhere.

Top 5 VPN’s for Netflix – with Pros and Cons

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN providers in the world and certainly the best VPN for Netflix. It can unblock Netflix USA on the browser and the Netflix app. ExpressVPN is offering fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth with highly secure servers in America and across the globe, making it one of the most preferred VPNs amongst the internet users. With ExpressVPN, you can stream Netflix USA in HD from anywhere. ExpressVPN gives you additional security and privacy features so you can easily watch Netflix without worrying about your privacy.


  • AES 256-bit Encryption
  • Strong security and privacy.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Huge servers Network
  • Compatible apps and setup for all devices
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • Only 3 simultaneous connections
  • Expensive

Get ExpressVPN Now

2. CyeberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is yet another popular VPN provider that can unblock Netflix in no time. It has a moderate network of servers, but they do have multiple servers in the US, which is enough to allow you to access Netflix from anywhere. The speeds offered by CyberGhost is high and you can smoothly watch your favorite Movies and Series on Netflix in HD. Moreover, CyberGhost offers the strongest AES 256-bit encryption that is almost impenetrable for cybercriminals to monitor or steal your data. Its sure one of the best VPN for Netflix right now and you should give it a try.


  • Fast servers good for streaming Netflix
  • Instant access to streaming services like Netflix Hulu, HBO, ABC, BBC, etc.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Compatible with all streaming devices
  • PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, KEv2, and OpenVPN etc.
  • Affordable subscriptions.
  • 24/7 technical support and live chat
  • 7 multi-logins


  • No free trial

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3. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the best VPN for Netflix. Its servers are optimized for streaming, especially on Netflix an doesn’t require any configuration to access Netflix. All you need to do is to subscribe to NordVPN, connect to its USA Servers, and watch Netflix 24/7. NordVPN makes your Netflix streaming office even much better by offering you complete security, anonymity, and access through its VPN apps and configurations.


  • Superfast servers, Ideal for streaming
  • Access to various streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Fox, HBO, CBS etc.,
  • AES 256-bit Encryption
  • More than 100 locations covered
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • VPN apps for various devices.
  • A wide range of security protocols
  • 6 simultaneous connections.


  • A bit expensive than others

Get NordVPN Now

4. IPVanish

IPVanish is usually the first choice for many VPN users who want to access Netflix due to the fact that it’s a US-based VPN provider. It’s really easy to unblock Netflix with IPVanish, you just need to connect to its USA servers and that all. IPVanish covers various US locations which means you can easily access Netflix and other US-based streaming services without any problems.


  • Netflix-optimized servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Fast connection speeds
  • AES 256-bit Encryption
  • P2P enabled
  • PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN
  • Works on all Netflix-enabled devices
  • 10 simultaneous connections


  • US-Based VPN

Get IPVanish Now

5. Windscribe

Windscribe has a large network of servers with a wide server’s network across 55 different countries. Its servers are incredibly fast to let you instantly access any content you want, from anywhere. Moreover, the servers are highly-secured with military-grade encryption and strong VPN protocols to give you complete privacy and security. Windscribe is surely one of the best VPN for Netflix.


  • P2P optimized servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Strong VPN protocols
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Additional security features


  • No free trial
  • No money-back guarantee

How to Watch Netflix outside US?

Netflix is an immensely popular streaming service in the US and everywhere else. It has revolutionized the whole concept of watching movies and TV shows. Today, everyone across the globe knows what Netflix is. Netflix has become the best platform to watch movies and series and will continue to do so for many years.

Due to the increasing demand to access Netflix, it is not available in various countries. But the fact that it is not available everywhere can be upsetting for many users. However, by using a Netflix VPN, users can stream on Netflix from any location, no matter if it’s available there or not.

Netflix has its huge content library for the American residents. They can watch their favorite movies and original series on Netflix from any of the 50 US states. However, users who don’t reside in the US are prohibited from accessing its US library due to geo-restrictions. To access its US library, one needs to be in the US, at least virtually.

If you’ve looked out for ways to access Netflix US library but haven’t had any success in doing so, there is a simple solution to your worries: a Netflix VPN. It doesn’t matter where you live, even if you live in a place that is geo-restricted by Netflix, you can still access it by using a VPN and get instant access to global and US-specific content without any blockages.

So, if you have decided to get a VPN, make sure you get the best VPN for Netflix to anonymously access US-specific content and watch your favorite shows and movies from anywhere.

Best VPNs for Netflix Outside US

It’s decided, a VPN is a must for users who want to access Netflix. But to tell you the truth, there are some VPN providers who say that they offer the best streaming services but they don’t once you have gotten their subscription.

Netflix has gradually expanded its services globally but that doesn’t mean that you can access the same content to that of those for the US citizens. However, the best VPN for Netflix can not only give you access to US-specific content on the go, but it can also provide you with complete privacy and security against cyber attacks. When searching for the best VPNs for Netflix US, there is something that every VPN must have:

  • Number of servers
  • Security Protocols and Encryption
  • IP addresses
  • Bandwidth Provided

VPN Services that Work with Netflix

The following VPN services work perfectly with Netflix:

  • ExpressVPN
  • Cybeghost
  • NordVPN
  • IPVanish
  • Windscribe

Not only has Netflix restricted its streaming services to a few locations, it has also placed a ban on various VPN services that try to access Netflix from restricted regions. Many free and paid VPN services don’t work with Netflix anymore.

You are connected to the web through an IP address and all your data is transmitted through this IP. By detecting this IP address, anyone can reveal your current location. Netflix also tries to detect your IP address, so if you try to access Netflix US outside of US, it won’t give you access to it and will redirect you to the Netflix website of the region you are in.

Since Netflix also keep logs, thus, if you’re using a free or local VPN, Netflix will detect and block every VPN IP address once they confirm that it belongs to a VPN server. But this doesn’t mean, no VPN will work. The services mentioned in the above list are the best VPN for Netflix and you can trust them without worrying about getting restricted again.

How to Choose the Best VPN for Netflix

When you want to access Netflix using a VPN, it’s not necessarily important to choose a VPN for Netflix with the most number of servers. The things that matter the most when unblocking Netflix is that the VPN servers should support Netflix and also different IP for each user. A unique IP address for every user will ensure Netflix doesn’t suspiciously bans your IP address and let you stream on Netflix unrestrictedly.

Various VPN service providers have Netflix-supported servers, specifically in the US to give you access to USA library of Netflix. Always make sure you subscribe to the best VPN for Netflix to avoid geographical-restrictions and access Netflix USA from anywhere.

Should I go with Free VPNs for Netflix?

There are so many VPN providers (Premium + Free) in which very few of them supports Netflix.

There is a whole industry of VPN providers from around the world including free and paid VPN services, but not all of them support Netflix, especially free ones. Moreover, free VPN services are not reliable, meaning they aren’t secure enough to let you browse safely against cyber threats. Most free VPNs are only good enough to access certain geo-restricted websites and even that isn’t entirely possible sometimes.

The VPN providers we discussed above are the best VPN for Netflix. Remember you only get value for money. If you don’t pay, you don’t get what you need. The above-listed VPN providers are the ones you should go for. They also offer a money-back guarantee so you can test their services before deciding to continue or not.

Can I Unblock Netflix with Smart DNS Proxy?

Yes, it is possible to unblock Netflix using a smart DNS proxy, but it is not the safest way to access Netflix. Although there are some VPN services that offers smart DNS proxy service as well, going for a separate smart DNS proxy service could be a bad idea.

Again, it can give you access to Netflix, but not security and privacy that you need, which you can only get with a VPN service. So, choose a VPN service that is Netflix-enabled and has multiple servers in the US and are fast enough to let you instantly access Netflix and watch your favorite movies and series.

Which Countries a VPN for Netflix Work in?

A VPN is used to access the geo-restricted content of your choice from any country, which means VPN works from everywhere. Just make sure you select the VPN with a large server network. Fortunately, the list of VPN for Netflix we have provided above offers the most servers globally. Choose any one from these VPNs and used them from anywhere to access Netflix. You can connect to various IP addresses of countries including:

Can I access Netflix in Other Countries?

You can access Netflix from anywhere with a VPN. Even more so, you can access Netflix Libraries of other countries and instantly watch region-specific content from anywhere. Here is a list of countries with a Netflix library you can access with a VPN:

How to Unblock Netflix using a VPN on Router

A VPN can either be used through its app or via configuration on the router. Most VPN providers offer apps for platforms such as Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS which basically covers every device. If you’re the VPN you choose isn’t compatible with your preferred device, you can always set it up on your Router. By setting it up on the router, you don’t need to install different apps on different devices, you can simply use the VPN by connecting your device to the VPN-enabled router.

Simply follow these instructions to successfully unblock Netflix with a VPN on a DD-WRT router:

  1. On the browser, access your router configuration panel using default IP i.e. ( or and login.
  2. Go to Services > VPN.
  3. Now follow these instructions:
    • Set “Start OpenVPN Client” : Enable
    • Server/ IP Name: Enter your preferred VPN server IP address. For the US-specific library, enter this address: “”. Also, you can use other OpenVPN server addresses from here.
    • Set “Port”: 4443
    • Set “Tunnel device”: TUN
    • Set “Tunnel Protocol”: UDP
    • Set “Encryption Cipher”: AES-256 CBC
    • Set “Hash Algorithm”: SHA256
    • Set “User Pass Authentication”: “Enable
    • Username: type your VPN Username
    • Password: type your VPN Password
  4. Now scroll down and set the following configurations:
    • Set “Advanced Options”: Enable
    • Set “TLS Cipher”None
    • Set “LZO Compression”: Adaptive
    • Set “NAT”: Enable
    • Set “Firewall Protection”: Enable
    • Set “Tunnel UDP Fragmente”: 1450
    • Set “Tunnel UDP-MSS-Fix”: Enable
  5. Scroll down and type the following text in Additional Config box:
    • persist-key
    • persist-tun
  6. Navigate to the TSL Auth Key
  7. Download the TSL key file and certificate data from here. Open the downloaded file and copy all the text between <tls-auth> </tls-auth> tags.
  8. Paste all the copied text into “TLS Auth Key” field.
  9. Now go down to CA Cert box
  10. Copy the text between <ca> </ca> tags from the certificate file you downloaded earlier and paste it in the “CA Cert” field.
  11. Leave the rest as default.
  12. Click the Save button and Apply Settings.
  13. Launch Netflix and enjoy streaming US library of content.

Popular Series to Watch on Netflix 2018

At the start of every month, Netflix introduces some of the best shows. All these shows eventually turn out to be a part of its massive library. Here is the list of top three shows you can watch during July 2018.

The list includes:

1. Jessica Jones

One of the most popular Sci-Fi series of 2017, Jessica Jones is now in its second season which got released last month. The series is on the Marvel Comics character Jessica Jones. Its first season was a hit and now Jessy fans can watch the new season on Netflix and accomplish their streaming desires.

2. Sherlock

One of the top detective series, Sherlock features the Benedict Cumberbatch as the uncanny detective. It is one of the most popular Netflix series and in the coming month, fans will get to see a new chapter in the life of Sherlock.

3. Luke Cage

Luke Cage was a hit back in 2017 when it launched on Netflix for the first time. Another superhero TV show based on Marvel Comics character Luke Cage, Netflix has recently launched its second season that is going to blow your mind. A must watch series for Netflix fans for sure.

Most Watched Netflix Original Series

Netflix has released a ton of its original TV shows and series, some of which has become hit in recent years. People who use to watch TV shows through the cable are now turning towards streaming services, most notably Netflix. According to a research, Netflix TV shows and series have become a very common topic of discussion amongst youngsters. Not only that, every Netflix original show and series garner no less than a million viewers.

When it comes to the most watched Netflix original series, shows like Daredevil, Orange is the new black, Narcos, Stranger Things, The Crown, and 13 Reasons Why have become hugely popular amongst viewers across the globe. Daredevil and Stranger Things were two shows that got the most views. These series were watched by viewers from around the world who used a VPN for Netflix to enjoy trending series from outside the US.

Here are some of the popular Netflix series you need to Binge-watch right now:

  1. Daredevil
  2. Stranger Things
  3. The Walking Dead
  4. Sherlock
  5. The Breaking Bad
  6. 13 Reasons Why
  7. The Crown
  8. Narcos
  9. Marvel’s Defenders
  10. Marvel’s Iron Fist
  11. GLOW
  12. American Vandal

Netflix VPN Works on PS3, PC, Xbox 360 and iPads, Smartphones and Tabs!

According to recent Stats, more than 30% of Netflix’s overall traffic comes from PS3, 25% is generated from Xbox, 20% from PC and 25% from all other devices. You can watch Netflix on almost all devices through its app or via website. This is why Netflix is one of the best streaming services around and why so many people from around the world want to access it.

Most international users use a VPN for Netflix to access it outside US and if you’re a streaming fanatic, you can get yourself the best Netflix VPN and watch your favorite shows as much as you want from anywhere in the world.

Netflix do work on most VPN services which means you can instantly watch all your favorite series all night long. Although not every VPN supports Netflix, you must choose the one that does support it and also offer servers in multiple US and non-US locations. Moreover, a VPN also lets you connect to its different servers and access different Netflix libraries of other regions with the same account.

This means, if you want to watch a specific content which is only available in US Netflix library, but you reside in UK, all you need is to connect to a VPN US server and bypass Netflix’ geographical-restrictions to access it library of US content. You can do the same to access libraries of other regions, but make sure you have a VPN for Netflix in place first.

Ad-free Content More Accessible with Netflix VPN

Netflix is basically a paid streaming service and if you want to stream content on it, you must get a premium account to enjoy premium services. By doing that, you can enjoy advertisement-free and uninterrupted streaming of your favorite content.

As a streaming service, Netflix can be accessed through two ways; one through its website and the other through its app. You can easily setup the app on your device and stream content on Netflix on the go. For those who wants to enjoy Netflix from outside US, they can use a VPN for Netflix and enjoy popular shows and series on their favorite devices. If there is no compatible VPN app for your device, you can simply configure VPN on your Wi-Fi router and connect your preferred devices to it. You can now watch your favorite series on Netflix with a top Netflix VPN from anywhere.

Since Netflix acquire licensed content with streaming permissions for specific regions, you can get a VPN for Netflix to access its licensed content from different regions as well.

Increasing Demand & Expansion of Netflix across the Globe

Netflix has millions of users in around 50 different countries worldwide. These countries mainly include European and South American countries due to the fact that there are bigger chance of earning more profits than other regions. Netflix is also available in few Asian and Oceanic locations but not in African and middle-eastern countries.

Netflix is now also available in Australia, New Zealand, and India. The number of Netflix paid subscribers in Australia has passed 1 million already and will probably double at the end of the year.

If you live in countries like Australia or UK, you can enjoy streaming on Netflix without any problems. However, if you reside elsewhere, you can use a Netflix VPN to access it in your region and stream Netflix from anywhere. Similarly, if you reside in Australia or UK and want to access its US library of content, you can use a top VPN for Netflix to access its US and other libraries in your region without any issues.

Stream Netflix with VPNs

A VPN is the only solution for viewers to be able to watch their favorite Netflix TV shows and series from anywhere in the world. Without a VPN for Netflix, there is no way you can get past geographical-restrictions implemented by Netflix to ward off users of other regions where Netflix isn’t available.

In addition, a top Netflix VPN also gives you complete online security and privacy so that you can access global content from anywhere and never get caught. Last but not the least, a Netflix VPN allows you to torrent securely, meaning that you can now use the best VPN for Netflix to download your favorite Netflix series and movies through torrent as well.

Expanding Content Database & Accessibility

Netflix gives you the ability to stream your favorite content from anywhere on the go. It offers you a huge bulk of movies as well as TV shows in a categorized manner. New shows and movies are consistently added to its database to make sure it always has something for everybody to stream.

Netflix offers different content in different regions. Netflix launched Netflix Canada back in 2010 while it became available in Latin America in 2012. Since then, it has expanded to almost every continent and will continue to penetrate into African countries as well as the Asian market once they done with evaluating the content preference of the viewers as well as the profitability of the business.

And since it is continuing to expand across the globe, its content database is getting even bigger and better.

Until then, those fans who have to wait for the service to officially become available in their regions, they can still access it by using a top VPN for Netflix. Simply, get a VPN of your choice from our list above and connect to its US or UK servers, then get your Netflix account and that’s all. Access Netflix and enjoy streaming from anywhere.

Other Uses & Benefits of a Netflix VPN

A VPN for Netflix is not just a streaming solution but also a complete online security suite that enables you to access anything you want including Netflix while giving you online security, privacy and freedom that you need over the internet.

When it comes to the benefits of using a Netflix VPN, we know that Netflix is consistently expanding its content database and now Netflix is becoming available in more and more countries. Thus by using a VPN for Netflix, you can connect to the servers of those countries to access a bulk load of content and enjoy streaming then all from anywhere on your devices.

Peak-Season Outage Makes VPN for Netflix a Neccessity

Netflix has suffered from streaming issues in the past and back in 2012-2013, the whole network was down in various countries. Many users around the suffered from this service outage specially those who rely heavily on VOD services. Netflix’s to maintain their service availability back than sparked huge outrage from its users worldwide. Many users considered switching to cable or other streaming services, but they could lose all the original content only available on Netflix.

Although nothing like this happened, however, Netflix quickly fixed all the streaming issues being faced by its users. But due to the increased traffic and demand for Netflix, these issues can arise again.

The best way to tackle this is by using a VPN for Netflix. Since those in the US and UK didn’t experience any issues related to streaming, you can use a VPN to connect to its US or UK based servers to enjoy streaming original content and say goodbye to all streaming issues and worries.

You can switch between different servers with lower loads when traffic issues could hamper your service quality.

Which Netflix Server to go for?

Selecting a Netflix library depends upon your preference and geographical location. With a different library, you would get a different selection of movies and TV series to watch. If you reside in the US, then the best library for you would be Netflix UK. Similarly, if you reside in UK or other European regions, you should go for Netflix USA or other American Netflix library for the better collection of content.

For those who live where no direct access to any Netflix library is available, you can use a VPN for Netflix and connect to your preferred server location. For instance, if you want to enjoy Sci-FI TV series and movies, you should use a VPN and connect to its US servers to access Netflix’s US library. If you like documentaries and drama, the best choice would be to access UK library via a Netflix VPN.


Netflix is the source of entertainment for those who are looking for on-demand services. Streaming on Netflix outside US may seem impossible to those who have never used a VPN service before, but it is certainly the best way to enjoy streaming content from different libraries of Netflix from anywhere.

Although Netflix USA isn’t available outside US, using a top VPN for Netflix will not only give you instant access to Netflix but it will also give you complete online security, privacy and a lot more, leaving you hassle-free. Streaming on Netflix is now within your grasp, just make sure you have the best Netflix VPN on your devices for maximum online security and freedom you deserve.

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